núna (now) 2015 Programming – Website Soft Launch!

We are still tweaking and updating our website but the primary listings of events and artists are firm. So much to look forward to – watch for the updated program guide to be uploaded in the column to the right of our newsfeed on the homepage of We can’t wait to share and experience the work of all the talented Manitoban, Quebec, NY and Icelandic artists who are coming to Winnipeg, Arborg and Gimli this year!

A laurel and a hearty handshake from the curatorial committee – núna (now) 2014!

Welcome, friends, to the eighth annual Icelandic-Canadian arts convergence known to all-and-amma as núna (now). Eight is of course a very special age – the time of life when one asserts a little independence, stakes a greater claim on selfhood and walks just that tiny bit further away from móðir og faðir when strolling at the mall.


VIDEO! núna Alumni Ragnar Kjartansson – sings curatorial committee member John K. Samson ‘s “One Great City”

Here is a little video love from núna (now) alumni, Ragnar Kjartansson – singing curatorial committee member John K. Samson ’s “One Great City”
Winnipegers you have until April 20 to experience Ragnar’s work “The End–Rocky Mountains” at theWinnipeg Art Gallery !,exhibition/146/ragnar-kjartansson-the-end-rocky-mountains