2013 Programming Announced!

A laurel and a hearty handshake from the curatorial committee

Welcome to the seventh year of our Great Artistic Convergence, in which we cross-pollinate the cultural magic of Iceland with that of Canada and enchant audiences across Manitoba with the results. We’ve changed our format this year, just for fun, and are now presenting a series of marvelous events through the months of May through September. This way your pleasure in the delights of the Icelandic-Canadian connection will be enhanced and extended the whole summer through!


núna (now) 2013 programming on the way!

núna (now) 2013 begins with a fantastic new series of Icelandic and Canadian events, taking place in Winnipeg and Gimli from May 24th through till September 7th, 2013. Don’t be one of those who hears about the fun later and cries bitter tears about missing it – watch this very website for our programming announcements and make your plans to attend núna NOW!

TONIGHT! núna presents ‘Sargent & Victor’ at the Asper Centre for Theatre & Film

núna(now) will present the production of “Sargent & Victor” by Deb Patterson, in both Brandon and Winnipeg. This solo play is created from a series of interviews Patterson conducted with past and present residents of this iconic Winnipeg intersection. Sargent and Victor was the early urban settlement of immigrant Icelanders but has lately become an area known for gang violence and crime. Drawn to the area by a fascination with how neighbourhoods evolve, Patterson has created a series of monologues using only the words spoken by her interview subjects. The haunting narrative is infused with a potent honesty that comes from her capacity to touch difficult and often dark subject matter with humour and grace.


Debbie Patterson’s Sargent & Victor featured on CBC Manitoba Scene!

Winnipeg playwright Debbie Patterson brings Sargent & Victor to life

Sargent & Victor
is a famous – and infamous – corner in Winnipeg. It’s also the name of a new one-woman play by Winnipeg playwright and actor Debbie Patterson. She is presenting it on May 31 at the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film as part of Nuna (now).
The intersection of Sargent Avenue and Victor Street was once the heart of Winnipeg’s Icelandic community. More recently it’s turned into a tough neighborhood.