2013 Programming Announced!

A laurel and a hearty handshake from the curatorial committee

Welcome to the seventh year of our Great Artistic Convergence, in which we cross-pollinate the cultural magic of Iceland with that of Canada and enchant audiences across Manitoba with the results. We’ve changed our format this year, just for fun, and are now presenting a series of marvelous events through the months of May through September. This way your pleasure in the delights of the Icelandic-Canadian connection will be enhanced and extended the whole summer through!

Our 2013 bag of tricks includes a jumpin’ Icelando-DJ dance party that’ll keep your legs pistoning helplessly for a week afterward; a panel discussion featuring Professor Laurie K. Bertram that will reach in and scratch a part of your brain you didn’t even know was itching; a program of dance, music and sundry other treats to celebrate Iceland’s Independence Day on June 17; a miniature film series presented in conjunction with the Gimli Film Festival; a folk-rock musical program that will shake your very fundament, presented in collaboration with Islendingadagurinn; and the exciting premiere of a new performance by Freya Björg Olafson entitled HYPER_, about which you yourself may feel free to get as hyper as you please.

As ever, we would like to thank our band of councilors, who guide us from above like the Norse deities of lore. They are Atli Ásmundsson, Tim Samson and Bill Perlmutter, and they help make this festival possible each year. We would like to especially thank Consul Ásmundsson, who is retiring from his post this year and returning in triumph to Iceland. He is not, however, retiring from our hearts.

We also sincerely thank and appreciate our generous sponsors, whose names you can and should look at in this program. As well we extend the beacon of gratitude to Heidi Phillips, our new and intrepid facilitator; to the many people who’ve volunteered time and effort to help; to all the artists who have participated; and to you, our wonderful audience. Enjoy the events we have layered up for you like a tasty vinarterta of thrills!