Erika MacPherson

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Erika MacPherson is a video artist currently focused on making documentaries. Her idiosyncratic narratives span 25 years.  Also known for her work as an editor, she has cut films, music videos, and installations for a host of artists such as Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan, Gilles Hebert, Noam and Marnina Gonick, John K. Samson, Christine Fellows, and the National Film Board.

Keen to the potential that humanity is an okay place to live, she has facilitated productions with Crossing Communities Art Project, Children as Peacebuilders, Klinic, Community Living, People First of Canada, the Environmental Conservation Lab and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, collaborating with people and content that teach her trade secrets for opening her heart and being a better person.

She is a founding member of both Núna(now) (2007) and SNAC (1997) and in between has sat on boards for Plug In ICA., MAWA, Video Pool, Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts, and has been Manitoba Arts Council advisory panel film and video rep.