The Daughters of Reykjavík / 3Peat & DJ O.A.K.S at the Sherbrook Inn

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    Sherbrook Inn | Google Map
    685 Westminster Ave.
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0Z4
Early bird tickets $10, available online at / $15 at the door

núna (now) & Synonym Art Consultation are proud to present an evening of thought-provoking hip hop and sweat-inducing broken beats, featuring 3Peat, Daughters of Reykjavík, and DJ O.A.K.S. — with visuals by Ian Johnson!

Opening for the all woman, all feminist, all Icelandic rap group Daughts of Reykjavík, 3Peat will bring some local flavor to the stage. 3PEAT is a three-piece hip hop group bred in Winnipeg comprised of Steve, Rapheyel and Dill The Giant. Influenced by the beats of the early hip hop movement they produce an energy that can move any crowd.

Five members of the Reykjavík-based collective The Daughters of Reykjavík (Reykjavíkurdætur) will then take over the mics. This group of 15 femcees is known for their daring lyrics about politics, feminism and sexual abuse. The collective resembles a “clan” where songs are performed in solos, duos, trios, and collectively. These performative subsections are what makes Reykjavíkurdætur’s concerts continuously versatile, fresh and a lot of fun! Having recently toured Europe and the UK they will perform new material from their upcoming album. We are only too excited to welcome five of its members: Mc Bein, Svarta Solla, Fevre Dream, Junior Cheese and Tilfinna!

Closing the evening, and perfecting this juicy music sandwich, is Anthony Sannie a.k.a. DJ A.O.K.S. While touring as a professional rapper, Sannie has been collecting music from the most relevant scenes across the globe. He will be spinning a predominately GRIME influenced set sourced from his time in the U.K. A set made for dancing, innit?

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