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    Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavík | Google Map

Twenty-four spectators are led to a secret location to witness a peculiar interrogation. Phobophilia unfolds through a complex meshing of sound, action, ritual and video projection. Using its micro-cinema of Cocteau-inspired projections shown on an elaborate, ever-shifting pop-up book, Phobophilia is a surrealist and dreamlike examination of fear, pleasure, voyeurism and the visual archive of war.

The Montreal based transdisciplinary duo Steven Lawson and Aaron Pollard ( will perform Phobophilia, co-presented by Lokal International Theatre Festival. Inspired by Jean Cocteau and his relation to the moving image, Phobophilia is an exploration of the role of the poet in an age characterized by fear. A delicate and miniature performance work using a complex messing of sound, action, ritual, projection and audience participation to ruminate on the artist as catalyst to question “belonging,” “citizenship” and “otherness.” Phobophilia was presented in Winnipeg at Núna (now) in 2008.