Living Dead: HAM

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    Winnipeg Film Group Studio (Black Lodge 3rd Floor) | Google Map
    304-100 Arthur Street
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tickets $5

HAM were often close to breaking into the international market but band members with their unique approach to stressful moments always managed to blow it big-time. A good example of their attitude towards the public and the press in particular, “How do you take an interview with a group whose answer to every question is ‘Shirley Bassey is a mythic Troll’ and then demonstrates how to piss in a sink 2-3 times during the interview?” or their stage performance “The intoxicated singer falls off the stage, the guitar player is so drunk that he’s performing lying on his back and the bass player misses the gig due to excess consumption of Jim Beam”.

Type: Documentary Film
Length: 85 min.
Directed by: Örn Marinó Arnarson, Þorkell S. Harðarson, Þorgeir Guðmundsson
Director of Photography: Hákon Sverrisson
Music Composer: HAM