Dance Party – Goolie Party

  • Date:
  • Venue:
    Royal Canadian Legion # 1 | Google Map
    626 Sargent Avenue
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tickets $5 At door

Most of the local “Goolie” or Icelandic immigrant spaces on Winnipeg’s “Icelandic Main Street” (Sargent Avenue), have been forgotten by the modern community. Still, many of these historic Icelandic buildings, including famous cafés, iconic community halls, publishing houses and controversial beverage rooms, have physically survived the past century. Situated in the # 1 Legion on Sargent (near the old Icelandic Good Templar Hall), this event re-animates the old heart of Goolie Winnipeg. Featuring queer and lady DJs from Winnipeg and Reykjavík, it uses new community party traditions to bring Sargent back to the centre of Icelandic immigrant life for one more night.

DJ J. Jackson (Jón Olafson, Winnipeg) / Kanilsnældur (Lovísa Árnadóttir + Sigrún Skaftadóttir, Reykjavík)