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    Tjarnarbíó (Lobby) Tjarnargata 12, 101 Reykjavík | Google Map
Free, all welcome

Since 1998, Paul Butler has hosted the internationally renowned Collage Party, a traveling experimental studio he devised as a forum for ideas, inspiration, and connections with a wide range of participants. Dozens of these events have been held across North America and Europe in public museums, commercial galleries, schools, and non-profit art centers.

Note: Please bring any old magazines or pictures of any kind, along with glue, scissors and any other tools or material you think may be useful.

What is a Collage Party? The invention of Canadian artist Paul Butler, it is an opportunity for artist and civilian alike to luxuriate in a purely creative atmosphere for hours or days at a time. Materials such as magazines, paper, scissors and glue are there; music is playing; and a relaxed and social atmosphere pervades the space. Soon everyone is creating at their own pace and in their own way, and the party is on! Activities include drawing, painting, sculpting and of course collage, and as each new creation is finished and put on display, the space itself becomes first a gallery and then an installation and finally a wild and untamed large-scale group art project. But it never stops being a party.