Cell7 workshop!

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    Studio 393 | Google Map
    Portage Place Mall
    Winnipeg, MB

This workshop covers Cell7 experience throughout the years.
How the music scene has changed since she started and the current state of it.

It will cover everything from her creative process of writing to recording, arranging and where to take your songs from there.
It will cover and discuss the many ways a solo artist can present him or herself live.

DJ Nino will have a short lecture on how the show is arranged around the artist. He will then touch on the difference between touring with an artist as his DJ as opposed to a solo DJ .

The Icelandic hip hop scene may still be young and small but Cell7 —a pioneer of the genre and a rare female presence in a male dominated world—is not just one of its steady fixture but also one of its brightest stars. As a veteran of the Icelandic rap scene, Cell7 is constantly cited as an inspiration for established artists and women just breaking into the genre. She returns this year with her sophomore solo album, “Is anybody listening?” and proves yet again that she is one of the most original voices out there.

Cell7´s second solo offering exudes the confidence of an established artist but also exhibits the vitality of a growing one. She shines in this tour de force, exhibiting new range and versatility as she not only raps but sings and produces some of her own tracks. There is real soul, strength and insight here, all of it steeped in infectious grooves and melodies and a full frontal arsenal of rhymes that show that Cell7 is ready decimate any preconceptions of what Icelandic music should sound like.

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