Svavar Jónatansson

Svavar Jónatansson started photographing in his teens. Shooting this and that during his early years, he moved towards a focus on people, photographing intimate personal relationships and documentary-style photography of musicians and artists, as well as street photography during his travels in Europe, Israel and USA. He has written articles on his travels for the Icelandic newspaper Morgunblaðið, as well as for a series of travel blogs.

Svavar´s work with renowned nature photographer James Balog has influenced his ideas and approach to photography. The present culmination of all that is him, his past, present and possibly the future, comes together in his latest work, Inland/Outland-Iceland. Svavar studies sociology and anthropology at the University of Iceland, and the Núna(now) presentation of Inland/Outland-Iceland will represent his first ever public exhibition.