Sin Fang

Reykjavík, Iceland

Sin Fang (former Sin Fang Bous) is a project by Sindri Már Sigfússon from Iceland, who also founded the band “Seabear”. While Seabear is focussed on folky music, Sin Fang Bous is Sindri’s playground for his more experimental songs. His debut-album was released on Morr Music in December 2008. It’s been only three years since Iceland’s new king of lo-fi layered lushness, Sindri Már Sigfússon, began his official recording career. “Summer Echoes”, the new and second album of his solo-project Sin Fang (he dropped the “Bous”) is now already his 4th album release (including 2 records of his other musical outlet Seabear) since 2007. The album oscillates wildly unearthing glimpses of familiarity – vintage Flying Nun here, Paw Tracks there and a Belle and Sebastian pop nous – while retaining the own stark originality of this uber-talented artist and producer.