Icelandic artist Rúrí (b. 1951) is one of the most distinguished artists in northern Europe. Her early work reflects the tensions of a society in turmoil, while she also dealt with questions of identity on an individual level, as well as cultural identity in general. Influenced by Fluxus and Conceptualism, she was a pioneer of performance art in Scandinavia. Later themes of her works, whether presented in the form of performances, public art projects, or poetic objects, center on ethical aspects. She attracted worldwide attention with her Archive—Endangered Waters at the 2003 Venice Biennale. Rúrí expresses herself in a wide range of media and techniques. But a closer look reveals an impressive consistency and almost unerringly logical development in her work, revolving around vital philosophical issues, such as those which help to structure this monograph, terms she uses herself to describe her motivation: identity, time, cosmos, relativity, and environment.


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