Reykjavíkurdætur (The Daughters of Reykjavík)

Reykjavíkurdætur is a women’s rap collective based in Reykjavík, Iceland. These 15 fem cees are known for their daring lyrics that discuss, for instance, politics, feminism and sexual abuse. The collective resembles a “clan” where songs are performed by solo artists, duos and trios, as well as performing altogether. This makes it so that Reykjavíkurdætur’s concerts are versatile, fresh and a lot of fun. Five members of Reykjavíkurdætur will be arriving in Winnipeg, Canada this may/june to bring a piece of the band to you! There will be an installation for all of you who come out to see and also a perfomance! The members who will come to Winnipeg are Vigdís Ósk Howser Harðardóttir aka Mc Bein, Solveig Pálsdóttir aka Svarta Solla, Bergþóra Einarsdóttir aka Fevre Dream, Jóhanna Rakel Jónasdóttir aka Junior Cheese and Tinna Sverrisdóttir aka Tilfinna!