Prairie Sky

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Prairie Sky has unapologetically forced her way onto Winnipeg’s drag scene over the last three years. She is committed to making drag safer and more enjoyable for all performers. She constantly tries to dismantle systems of oppression from the inside and out. Aware of her privilege as a white looking half-breed she tries to use that position for the greater good. She knows that this work is hard and that is why she knows the party is just as important.


For ten years, núna (now) has been bringing Icelandic and Icelandic-background artists of all disciplines to Manitoba, as a way of maintaining the cultural bridge between the two places. Thousands of Manitobans have been exposed to artists from Iceland, Canada and the United States whom they otherwise might never have heard of, and an important international bond of long standing has annually been reinforced. Such is the magic of núna (now)!