Pat Daniels

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Pat started her musical career armed with some clarinets and a Bachelor of Music from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Music degree from the Juilliard School in New York. In the beginning there was the CBC Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, followed by the Vancouver and Victoria Symphonies and leading eventually to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra as an extra musician. Occasionally she indulged in chamber music tours to Germany, England, USA east coast and Canada’s central and west coast regions. She has been recorded, both as a soloist and ensemble player on CBC Radio and TV as well as CKVU in Vancouver.  In and around the orchestras were career enriching encounters with the founding and managing of a woodwind quintet for ten years, principaling a music school for five years, which also involved development of programs, recitals and faculty and even participating in country-wide discussion panels sponsored by the Canada Council on the direction of the arts in Canada.  As with most musicians, tension and back problems led to the study of Alexander Technique (AT) which in turn led to becoming a teacher. After completing her teacher training in 1987, Pat was certified to teach the AT by the Canadian Society of Alexander Teachers (CanSTAT). Throughout her career as an Alexander teacher, she has worked extensively with performing artists of all kinds. She founded the Alexander Technique Centre in Vancouver, taught in residence in Edmonton where she also participated in informal discussions with the then Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for Alberta, before moving to Winnipeg. Recently she has updated the CanSTAT web site, taught master classes at the University of Manitoba, as well as her private practice.