Michael Benjamin Brown

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Michael Benjamin Brown is an interdisciplinary artist and MFA graduate from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, England. His work has been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. Michael is currently living and working in Wpg, MB.

“My work is interdisciplinary; allowing me to prioritize content, and then give special treatment to the form best suited to the idea. I want my work to not only create and open many doors to an ‘experiential space’ at the intersection of the physical and metaphysical but to allow you to enter many doors at the same time. There the work can act as the social participant, artist mythmaker, and scientific skeptic.”

Michael’s bookwork WINTERHOUSES is an ‘unsequenced’ group of 60 pages of images and language. Symbols, ranging from the scientific to the mythological, the numinous to the beautiful, and the mysterious to the matter-of-fact weave throughout the work, while changing form on any given page. Metamorphosing interpretation occurs through individual’s random arrangements. Viewers might conjure narratives or simply a singular impression.