Ione Thorkelsson

Studied architecture at the University of Manitoba. 1965-69; scenic painter, props assistant, wardrobe assistant, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Manitoba Theatre Centre and Rainbow Stage, 1969-1972; began lamp working with glass, 1971; European tour, 1972-1973; studied glass at Sheridan College School of Design, Mississauga, Ontario, summers 1973 and 1976; established private studio, 1973; architectural research, Seventeenth Century English Seaport Architecture, for the Nonsuch Exhibit, Museum of Man and Nature, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1973; co-authored Early Buildings of Manitoba, Peguis Publishers, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1974; charter member of the Manitoba Crafts Council, 1977; founding editor of The Blister, the newsletter of the Manitoba Crafts Council, 1977-1978; field research, Manitoba Craft Development Survey, Manitoba Craft Council, 1996; conducted a kiln casting workshop at the University of Manitoba, 1996; nominated for the Bronfman Award, 1996, 1982, 1981, 1980; nominated for the Chalmers Award, 1998, 1997; Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba, 1999; Bronfman Award finalist, 2000; inducted into the RCA, 2007, Bronfman laureate, 2010; visiting artist, Alberta College of Art and Design, 2012.