David Loftson


David Loftson lives in Winnipeg. He is an avid cyclist, historian and very amateur volcanologist. He has travelled extensively in North America and Europe often on a bicycle. In Nicaragua he gleefully climbed an active volcano. His grandfather emigrated from Iceland in 1889 and his father’s maternal grandparents emigrated from Iceland in 1882.
David with his wife, 3 year old daughter, sister and brother-in-law travelled to Iceland on the Snorri program in 2013. In Iceland David found relatives that he did not know existed (6 great aunts and uncles and even 37 second cousins from one family). With his sister he went to Hrísey Island near Akureyri where he discovered his Great Grandfather, Loftur Jonsson was a farmer and shark hunter.
He organized an 2013 alley cat bike messenger race through “historic 1891” Winnipeg and then turned it into a Jane’s Walk in 2014.  David can be heard on the CBC Weekend Morning Show with Terry MacLeod, talking about Winnipeg’s history, in his regular column entitled “Flat Not Boring”.