Reykjavík, Iceland

Originally formed in 2012 as a thrash metal/pop/rock/disco duo, CYBER is now known as the rap trio and ongoing electronic musical project of Bleach Pistol/Sick Roma (Salka Valsdóttir), JuniorCheese/YNG NICK (Jóhanna Rakel) and DJ Þura Stína.

The band was named after a lipstick that two members found themselves owning when they became best friends in their sixteens. Now they have released three projects in the past two years: ‘CRAP’ which contains 7 tracks, some of them pumped, some of them sad and nostalgic but all of them a bit weird, ‘BOYS’ a three song EP that is a tribute to cute russian boys and their latest addition ‘HORROR’ which is a thirteen song horror concept album released by Sticky Records, the leading hip hop label in Iceland. HORROR won the Kraumur Awards in 2017 as well as being named hip hop album of the year by MBL.

The trio has gotten recognition for their work with Reykjavíkurdætur where they released tracks such as ‘Hæpið’ and ‘Fiðringur’. Known for their crazy live shows, latex galore and amazing visuals, CYBER is never a disappointment.

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CYBER is presented by núna now.
This residency will be directed and curated by artist Rachel Thorleifson

Date: September 23, 2018
Tickets: $10