Borgar Magnason

Borgar Magnason has worked closely with composers such as Eliott Carter, Georg Benjamin and rising star Nico Muhly (The Reader, 2008) pop-star Daníel Águst (Swallowed a Star), and with Icelandic super producer Valgeir Sigur?sson (Björk, Will Oldham, Coco Rosie) Of particular note is his work with Frost, an Australian/Icelandic composer.

Magnason has trained and performed with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and the Juliard School of Music in New York City. He has also created several large works for the stage including Indeependance, a video Opera created in Italy with Vittorio Cosma, Mazbedos and the Italian poet Aldo Nove, and an award-winning collaboration with dancers from the Icelandic Dance Company Blink Of An Eye for which he won first prize in the Icelandic Dance/Theatre festival.